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  • Repair of blast furnace No.2, U.S.Steel Smederevo, Serbia
  • Production and assembly of the supports cooler, U.S.Steel  Smederevo, Serbia
  • Delivery and assembly of hydraulic for Fe  stuffing box , U.S.Steel Smederevo, Serbia
  • Delivery, assembly and disassembly of platform, U.S.Steel Smederevo, Serbia

ILD SK s.r.o., Košice

  • Disassembly Works for SIMAR Venezia, Italy
  • Modernization of copper anodes – removation works, Kovohuty Krompachy a.s.
  • Modernization of copper anodes – assembly works, Kovohuty Krompachy a.s.
  • Repair and assembly of bridge crane 3+3t


  • finished goods warehouse

KERKOSAND, Šajdíkové Humence

  • Production and assembly of steel structure and silo


  • Gravityroller conveyor
  • Gravityshelfsinwarehouse
  • Reconstruction ofplatformsonlineComerio


  • Works during standart repair on tube mill

KOKSMONT a.s., Košice

  • Production of steel doors and a ladder

VÍTKOVICE RP Slovakia s.r.o., Košice

  • Exchange of  service boxe on CB1 and CB3 U.S.Steel Košice s.r.o

U.S.STEEL Košice s.r.o.

Locksmiths, welding and flame-cutting works for U.S.Steel Košice s.r.o. – framework contract:

  • locksmith, flame-cutting and welding for Steelworks
  • locksmith, flame-cutting and welding for DZ Blast Furnaces
  • locksmith, flame-cutting and welding for DZ Hot Rolling Mill
  • locksmith, flame-cutting and welding for DZ Coating Plant
  • locksmith, flame-cutting and welding for Cold Rolling Mill
  • locksmith, flame-cutting and welding for DZ Coke Plant
  • repair ofrotatingequipment partsforDZBlast Furnaces
  • repair of crane track on DZ TVa
  • repair of Blast furnace No.2 – replacement of coolers
  • repair of cooling system for blast furnace No.2

Reconstruction and repair Works of blast furnaces cooling system:

a./  Production, delivery and assembly:

  • input and output piping
  • loop piping
  • water distribution, crucible, evacuating chute, bends, fittings and auxiliary structures.

b./ Delivery and assembly

  • fittings, taps, valves, check valves, electric drives, electricflaps, compensators pressurehoses, ventingcirculation pumps, measuringtools andother auxiliarymaterials

c./ Assembly

  • cast iron and copper cooler of crucible, cooling copper wedge, above the surface probe and furnace spraying system


Repair ofchokeammoniaNo. 3in the operationChemistry, DZCoke plant
Transferhydraulicdrills piping,pluggingsand swingingtroughsonVP2
Disassemblyworks on workplaceMPNo.4
Replacementof actuators(8 pieces)forVP1, VP2, VP3including the supply ofmaterial, assembly of4 actuators on theVP2
Modification of hoists track inwarehouse of  varnishesno.047
Repairoftrolley and trackin the enginecoolingenclosureTSP1700




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