Company profile

  • Our company has 92 employes, from which 10 are administrative worker, 7 site mangers, 15 foremen, 30 welders with official certificate. Most workers in the profession "R" have the basic course and an incendiary and binding licenses.
  • The company has the profession - locksmith fitter, engineer, pipe climbers - work at heights. We have trained people with rich experience in working at heights, work on technical equipment - gas, pressure and lifting.
  • Our employes are equiped with the most modern tools, mechanisms in sufficient quantity for at least 1 times the number of employees of our company. This tools are in warehouses, in portable containers adapted as hand assembly warehouses, containers adapted as auxiliary workshops. We are also equiped with a mobile container for workers stay.
  • We have a large scope in the assembly area
  • Our company is developing in the area of education and skills

We offer the following services

Installation, modernization, repair

  • metallurgy, blast furnace, coke, agglomeration, steel works, rolling mills
  • Equipment of energy industry
  • gasification
  • devices of chemical and petrochemical industry
  • manufacturing of tanks and reservoirs
  • pulp and paper, wood processing equipment
  • breweries, malt, concrete and brick factories
  • ore and coal processing facilities
  • waterworks, water tanks and waste water treatment plants
  • Automotive and Paint shops
  • glassworks
  • stage technology
  • Printing Lines
  • crane tracks
  • piping and hydraulics, vebtilation
  • steel structures incl. production and sheathing

Ensuring the supply-engineering and design

Ensuring construction works

Surface protection

  • Sandblasting of metal, metallized coatings


Thermal isolation of pipes, buildings

Specialised welding

Specialized authorization

  • technically competent technician in construction
  • assembly ,repair and maintenance of gas appliances - distribution with positive pressure of 0.3 MPa
  • assembly and review of NTL and STL pipelines and connections, oxygenepipes, acetylenepipes, equipment consumption of gas fired power exceeding 50 kW
  • assembly, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of pressure equipment group A, Steam, Class I with power steam produced over 115 tons / hour. - assembly, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of lifting equipment
  • operation of the technical equipment of pressure, lifting and gas in plants supervised by the State Mining Administration not hesitate to contact our bussiness representatives...

PALOVČÍK Vladimír    
executive manager

executive manager

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