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The company HM Košice s.r.o.was created on 28th of april 1997 by incorporation to the county court Košice I. Ever since the establishment of the company have the owners set up the basic objectives for building a successful corporation. Be on the top of engineering and supply activities and perform assembly in top quality, at minimum cost and at maximum work safety. We accentuate especially on workforce development, building a quality marketing, modernizing the means of production. We understand developing of the quality system as a permanent systematic and never-ending process.

HM Košice s.r.o. is a medium sized company, our main scope is providing services. Since 2002 owns the company an administrative building and warehouses. Other investment shares to which the company is currently working on, technical and project based, is the construction of garages at the company headquaters, located at Južná trieda 66. The company owns assets in the form of trucks and cars, means of production, tools, computers, computer programs etc. Production capacity during the summer months is so increased that some contracts are reinforced by subcontractors. Since August 2003 the company introduced the Quality Management System in assembly, repair and reconstruction of dense aggregates, technology and gas equipment, steel structures and technology, engineering constructions bridges, and industrial construction, piping and hydraulic distributors. The company TUV Management Service GmbH has released on 23th of Feb 2004 to HM Košice s.r.o. Quality management certificate ISO 9001: 2000.

Our company during its existence built up a good position in Slovakia thanks to quality of our services, compliance with contractual deadlines evidenced by the lucrativeness of our bussiness partners. We have wide range of professions and a large scope. Our employes prove every day their professional competence by implementation of work and by using high quality and effective tools. The main principle of HM Košice s.r.o. is providing assembly work so that we meet all the requirements and expectations of investors and stakeholders, be more reliable and more professional than our competitors.

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HM Košice, spol. s r.o.
Južná trieda 66
04001 Košice

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